confused old lady medicare

The Ugly Truth of Medicare Advantage

Is anyone else offended by the ageism on some of the Medicare Advantage TV ads? I have seen images of an elderly lady in a “housecoat” as my grandmother used to call it, with unattractive large glasses, behaving in a confused manner. This is a very negative stereotype being perpetuated on national television.  Watch it here. These Medicare Advantage ads also can be quite misleading if…

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To 100…and beyond!

In my daily work with seniors, I often see individuals who are in their nineties. Yet, right now I have three amazing clients who are over 100 years old! This is certainly not unusual, but a wonderful experience nonetheless. While the US has the most centenarians overall, when ranked per capita we don’t even crack the top ten. The top four places with the most centenarians are all island nations…

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taking the keys

Taking the keys

The problem: Cars have gotten infinitely safer with each passing decade and yet, more than 35,000 people die each year on American roads. Since most cars don’t crash themselves, the problem is not the vehicle, but the person behind the wheel. Driving a car is one of the most complex things a human can do. To do it effectively requires unwavering attention and the ability to make split second, sound decisions. Those decisions require eyes, ears, brain, hands and feet working in concert and at their optimum.

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Did you know 25% of Baby Boomers have no children? Based on the most recent census count, that translates to nearly 19 million Americans. Additionally, 33% of Americans aged 45-62 are single.

For these two groups of people, proactive planning for aging is even more important than for those with children and spouses or partners. Not knowing who will help with decision-making, care, or other important age-related concerns often leads to no planning at all. This situation effects so many more people than we might think.

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