Welcome to Joan Garbow & Associates, LLC.—Western Connecticut's Premier Aging Life Care and Disability Care Management Agency.

Providing workable solutions for complex eldercare challenges with compassion and unparalleled expertise.


The first step is an in-home consultation to assess the client’s care needs and functioning. A full discussion of medical history, daily functioning, nutrition, support system resources, social interactions and intellectual stimulation, assessment of accessibility and physical barriers in the home…


The field of senior service providers is extensive, therefore deciding who to work with can be confusing and overwhelming to navigate on your own. With over 25 years of professional social work experience in homecare, acute care, family services and physical rehabilitation, Joan has developed a trusted network of fellow professionals…


Identifying the challenges is only the beginning. Joan and her team are able to assist families with difficult decision-making while quickly putting in place solutions and support to improve the quality of life for clients. Solving current problems comes first, but being proactive about the future…

Are eldercare challenges affecting your life?

For those coping with the increasing needs and challenges of caring for an elderly loved one, an Aging Life Care Care Manager can be a valuable resource. With a diverse portfolio of skills and resources, Joan Garbow & Associates, LLC is dedicated to bringing order and comfort to difficult and complex situations, while improving the quality of life for clients throughout Fairfield and Litchfield Counties.

Here’s how we can help:

  • Assessment of current problems to formulate a short-term and long-term care plan.

  • Coordination and monitoring of homecare providers.

  • Patient advocacy and monitoring of care in a nursing or assisted living facility.

  • Counseling to resolve family conflicts.

  • Professional guidance during transitions between home, hospital, nursing home and assisted living.

  • Facilitation and coordination of medical care.

  • Referrals to legal, financial, or other trusted eldercare professionals.

  • Expert witness and testimony.




Advanced Member of The Aging Life Care Association (formerly NAPGCM) since 2007.