Providing workable solutions for complex eldercare challenges with compassion and unparalleled expertise.

Consultation and counseling:

The first step is an in-home consultation to assess the client’s care needs and functioning. A full discussion of medical history, daily functioning, nutrition, support system resources, social interactions and intellectual stimulation, assessment of accessibility and physical barriers in the home, finances, legal and other issues impacting the client are explored. Through this process, Joan will formulate an action plan to assist clients and their families to begin to change and improve the current problem or challenging situation. Counseling is provided in order to decrease family caregiver stress.

Following the initial consultation, clients can decide if they need ongoing care management services. This includes home care oversight and monitoring, coordination and communication with medical providers, facilitation of transitions in care, discharges or admissions to or from facilities, and other complex care needs.

Specializing in dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and other chronic medical and psychological disorders associated with aging and disabilities, Joan and her team help families identify the challenges and explore the best available options for their aging or disabled loved ones.


The field of senior service providers is extensive, therefore deciding who to work with can be confusing and overwhelming to navigate on your own.

With over 25 years of professional social work experience in homecare, acute care, family services and physical rehabilitation, Joan has developed a trusted network of fellow professionals who are able to assist her by providing complimentary expert services as needed. Whether it’s a homecare provider, physician or specialist, nurse, rehabilitation therapist, elder law attorney, financial advisor, bookkeeper, or various others, you can benefit from our network of vetted professionals.

We are completely independent professional advocates, and therefore can provide you with key information about your individual needs and which agencies, providers, or facilities are the best fit to meet your unique needs.


Identifying the challenges is only the beginning. Joan and her team are able to assist families with difficult decision-making while quickly putting in place solutions and support to improve the quality of life for clients. Solving current problems comes first, but being proactive about the future is also extremely important.

A long-term plan is discussed to help families better prepare for care needs as aging and the progression of chronic conditions occur. Joan helps clients to better prepare for potential issues in the future in order to avoid crises and problem solving during highly stressful times.