The NEW Sandwich Generation

I am struck by the shifting demographics of the so-called “Sandwich Generation.” Sure the term has been somewhat overplayed, but the new reality is this: more adults in their 40’s and 50’s are faced with caring for young families, while at the same time caring for often very elderly and frail parents.

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91-year old gets hip replacement!

Yes, that’s correct. My 91-year old, feisty, Irish client just got a hip replacement. The orthopedic surgeon said in another country with a different healthcare system, she would probably not be able to have this surgery. The hip will surely outlive her, but this was a matter of quality-of-life.

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Senior living options: when “FREE” is not really free

You’ve probably seen the ads on TV with a famous person promoting “free placement” services for Mom or Dad. Sounds great right? But consumers don’t realize these service are not actually free. The consultant—aka placement service—gets paid a commission by the facilities they contract with. That commission is the equivalent of a full month’s rent. That is a considerable sum, reaching as high as $9,000-$10,000 here in the Northeast.

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