Aging Life Care in the age of Coronavirus

The global pandemic has affected us all, in ways both big and small. Among all the disruptions, no group has been more impacted than our seniors. Due to their increased vulnerability to the disease and the much higher mortality rates amongst older individuals, our elderly have become even more isolated in this strange time.

To combat this isolation, technology has been an invaluable resource. Families our able to use home monitoring technology, Facetime, and videoconferencing services to stay connected to their loved ones, and provide some much-needed interaction.

Within my Aging Life Care practice, I’ve been using these services as well, to both check up on my clients and care providers as well as hosting virtual meetings with families. I’ve even been able to conduct consultations with new clients via Zoom, where family members, attorneys and other involved parties can all join in and get their questions answered.

These sessions and this ground work is an essential component in the evaluation process. Typically, I’ll do a complete home safety assessment and examination of the living situation to fully understand the challenges and opportunities existing. For the time being, I’m conducting these walkthroughs virtually as well.

While it may be some time before we can get back to a somewhat normal existence, the aging process does not wait. Our seniors need help, and we all have to adapt to make sure they get the care and assistance they need. If I can assist you, or you have questions regarding a current or looming situation, please reach out.


by Joan Garbow, MSW, LCSW, CCM
Advanced Member of The Aging Life Care Association